Death-Aware Party 

Host a party with family and friends in the comfort of your own homes. All your End-of-Life preparedness options and information are brought to you and your guests. Customize your parties with specific topics of interest or get a general overview. With SOCIAL DISTANCING now in effect, we can still get together in-person or virtually. All you need is a computer or cell phone to join or a home with enough space to give each guest a little room. I will set up the rest for you.  

Death Care is Life Care 

   Below are a few of the topics available. Meditations, Creating Sacred Space, Books to read and more topics are also available. Call 562-850-7809 for more information or to schedule your Death-Aware Party Today! 

Before Death 

Advanced Directives 

What are Advanced Health Care and Death Care Directives and why you should have one? Attendees are given both Ca Advanced Health/Death Directives. Notary services are available. 

Benefits of pre-planning EOL wishes

Give peace of mind to your survivors by putting your wishes in writing. Having a plan for your family to follow gives them more time to be present for the moment.

Legacy Projects

Create a Legacy project for your future generations to cherish and pass on as a tradition through group and individual exercises. 

Caring for the dying at home

How to care for your dying at home. What to expect. Why creating sacred space for the dying is important.

Living Funerals

Why you would want to consider the party of a life time, where your family and friends can share in celebrating a life well lived, your life that is before you die. 

After Death

Caring for the Dead at home

Caring for your loved ones at home with family and friends. Learn tips and techniques to care for your own.

Home Funerals

Keeping your loved one at home for their funeral. How to and why you would want to. Learn how caring for your loved ones at home brings family and friends into the moment. 

Conventional Burial 

What is a conventional burial? What to know and plan for. Ways to create a meaningful service. 

Green Burial

For those who are Eco-friendly minded. What is a Green Burial? What you need to know. How you can go green even in death. 

Fire Cremation

Cremation by flame. Learn why more and more are choosing cremation and what you need to know. How to have viewings and witnesses, and or memorial services with a cremation.

Water Cremation

Cremation by water. A Green alternative to fire cremation. Coming soon. It will be Legal in California July 2020. Learn how it works, its impact on the environment and the difference in what you get back.

Memorial Services

Memorial service options for those who were cremated. Learn of ways to honor your loved one through scattering of ashes at sea, volcano scatterings, memorial reefs, memorial spaceflights, cemetery inurnment or hosting family and friends for services.

Full Body at Sea Burials

You too can be buried at sea, not just the military. Learn how a Full Body Burial at Sea off the Coast of California can be the way for you. Tall ship options now available.