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Memorial Spaceflight


DIY DYING is now partnered with Celestis Memorial Spaceflights. Celestis has made the dream of spaceflight a reality and the possibility for anyone to voyage into space by launching a symbolic portion of cremated remains or DNA into near-space, Earth Orbit, to the Lunar surface or even beyond. At need or pre-need plans are available. You too can go where no man has ever gone before and explore the Final Frontier. Call 562-850-7809 ​Today!

The Earth Rise Service



As the sun rises, a rocket launches with your symbolic portion of cremated remains or DNA aboard. It blasts into space more than 100 km with all the fanfare and brilliance of history's greatest launches. It reaches the stunning view of Earth from above, touching the stars. After experiencing the zero gravity environment, the capsule returns to Earth. The recovered capsule and video of mission events are then sent to your family to commemorate this special day. 

CAPSULE (1g) $2,495

GEMINI CAPSULE (2g) $3,743

MODULE (3g) $4,990 

GEMINI MODULE (7g) $7,485

The Earth Orbit Service



Blasting off on a rocket with a personalized flight capsule carrying a symbolic portion of cremated remains or DNA into orbit, so high and far that the view is the ultimate, most breathtaking vision of Earth-against the limitless black and starry space. Depending on the mission, the spacecraft containing the individual flight capsules will orbit Earth for years or even decades, until they then re-enter the atmosphere, harmlessly vaporizing like a shooting  star in final tribute. 

CAPSULE (1​g)  $4,995

GEMINI CAPSULE (2g)  $7,493

MODULE (3g)  $9,990

GEMINI MODULE (7g)  $14,985

The Luna Service



The Luna Service places a personalized flight capsule carrying symbolic portions of cremated remains or DNA onto the surface of the Earth's moon, creating a distant, yet, constantly viewable permanent memorial. Once the spacecraft has reached our distant neighbor, the flight capsules will orbit the Moon, eventually reaching the surface where it will remain for eternity. Who hasn't said "I love you to the moon?," only now you can really mean it, leaving your future generations a legacy few have ever obtained.

CAPSULE (1g)  $12,500

GEMINI CAPSULE (2g)  $18,750

MODULE (3g)  $25,000

GEMINI MODULE (7g)  $37,500




The Voyager service is a true mission of exploration, sending a personalized flight capsule carrying cremated remains or DNA on a permanent journey into deep space. Participants will travel far beyond the moon to more than a million kilometers from Earth, on a infinite trajectory. Missions to deep space are designed for scientific purposes. The first Celestis Voyager Memorial Spaceflight - the Enterprise Flight - will launch from Earth, travel beyond the Moon's gravitational reach, and become one of the few spacecraft infinitely orbiting the Sun - a truly permanent tribute. Deep space missions are rare, complex and limited in capacity. The Enterprise Flight will be history making and participants will be special emissaries from planet Earth throughout the solar system. 

CAPSULE (1g)   $12,500

GEMINI CAPSULE (2g)  $18,750

MODULE (3g)  $25,000

GEMINI MODULE (7g)  $37,500




For the first time, Celestis DNA affords the opportunity to celebrate a life with a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight...regardless of final disposition. Affordable spaceflight even for the living, providing the means for all of us to make a very real journey to space, and even to elect off planet personal DNA storage. Fly as one or with family and friends on a personal voyage among the stars. Your DNA would be extracted from your sample, purified, stabilized and preserved to halt the DNA's natural degradation process. The end product resembles a fine, white, dry powder, suitable for spaceflight. Home Banking your heritage, a free, second DNA sample is given to your designated beneficiary permitting long term DNA storage at home. Ensuring that you or a loved one's genetic history is preserved and available for future analysis and assessment.  




  • Customized spaceflight container engraved with participant's name
  • Website memorial on Celestis' site
  • Message of dedication included in the spacecraft
  • Land/Sea scattering of unflown balance of cremated remains after successful launch
  • Mission completion performance guarantee
  • Invitation to attend launch events
  • Memorial service attendance and reception
  • Launch pad tour
  • Launch viewing
  • Webcast feed of the memorial service and launch
  • Commemorative launch video
  • Launch Certificate
  • Mission patch

Memorial Reefs now available through 


  Reef Ball Memorials give life, in one's passing, helping families, communities and the environment by building artificial reefs. Together we can enhance coral generation, increase marine biomass, and provide an Eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial by dedicating your loved one’s cremated remains in an Undersea Memorial

    Together with Memorial Reefs International, the memory of your loved one will become a living treasure for generations to come. Our world’s coral reefs are dying. Rising ocean temperatures are causing catastrophic mass bleaching events that threaten our reefs and their biodiversity. 

    You can make a difference by choosing an Undersea Memorial that will grow coral on its surface, replenish fish stocks, and mitigate tidal events. Your memorial will also contribute to countless communities that rely on these reefs to provide food for subsistence and economic growth. 

 A Reef Ball Memorial is a living marine memorial constructed with a hollow egg-like shape, using a special pH-balanced concrete then is placed in one of the Undersea Memorial Gardens. Your loved ones cremated remains may be incorporated into the structure. A Reef Ball Memorial comes with a custom marine-grade bronze plaque and you will be given GPS coordinates to ensure it will be easily found on returning future visits. Other Reef options are available. Call 562-850-7809, to get started and create your Reef Memorial today! 

Personal Reef Monument    $5,995 

Reef Ball measures 3' across by 2' tall and holds 1 set of remains. 

Double Reef Monument  $7,995

Reef Ball measures 4' across by 2.9' tall and holds up to 2 sets of remains. 

Family Reef 

Monument   $9,995 

Reef Ball measures 6' across by 3.8' tall and holds up to 4 sets of remains. 


On Land or at Sea

Volcano Scattering in Hawaii

Cremated remains are scattered unwitnessed in Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park. Scatterings take place in such a manner and in such a location that the ashes will not be located or identified as human remains. No memorials, plaques, photos, or flowers will be left in the park. A photo will be taken commemorating the moment and location which will be sent to your family along with a Certificate with date scattering when completed. All permits required for transit, shipping and scattering would be included. Call 562-850-7809 to arrange for your final resting place to be in a tropical paradise.

Volcano Scattering Services           starting at $425

Chartered Scattering at Sea Services off the Coast of California

Attended and unattended scattering of cremated remains at sea are available off the coast of California. Departure ports from San Diego to Morro Bay are available for your convenience. Depending on Port and Boat selected price and party sizes may vary. Families may request added services, such as, Dove release, Bio-degradable urns, and flowers to leave behind marking the site. These added touches enhance the memory you take away of such intimate family service. Certificates commemorating the event will be sent to your family once scattering has been completed. For more information contact Shawn at 562-850-7809, together we can find the port and boat perfect for your special event. 

Close by me Jewelry 

Looking for a beautiful way to keep your loved one close to you, look no further. Let DIY Dying assist you with creating a beautiful fine piece of jewelry to commemorate your loved one and keep them close to you. Visit and mention DIY DYING or allow Shawn to personally assist you with the order as an extension of her services. 

"We do not come into this world, we come out of it, as leaves from a tree, as the ocean waves, 

the universe peoples, every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature,

 a unique action of the total universe"  

 Alan Watts