Our Services

        Our Death Midwifery Services are as follows;

Initial Consultation,  End of Life Documents Consultation, Getting to know you, Creating Sacred Space, Developing a Legacy, Vigil Planning, In-Home Vigil Support, Living Funeral and after death care. 

         Our After Death Funeral Services are as follows;

Home Funeral, Burial, Green Burial, Full Body Burial at Sea, Human Composting, Flame Cremation Services, Water Cremation will be available soon and or Memorial Services.  you may choose any of the services that you feel suits your needs or together we can create a service that is right for you. 

Our General Price lists are available upon request. 

In home arrangements & 

Return Hand Delivery are Available

As part of my services and for your convenience, 

I offer in-home arrangements and 

Hand deliver of cremated remains within 30 miles. 

  Call for Details 562-850-7809

Making Advance Arrangements are available

 Pre-need arrangements now available online click below to start your end of life pre-planning or call 562-850-7809 for more information. You can arrange for yourself or a loved one. All my services are available for pre-arrangement. 


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 Initial Consultation​

Will discuss, define and create a plan individually, or as a family, that will “best” aide in moving forward with the “end of life” process. Will discuss hospice options that are available to you. We offer consultation and guidance you may need, dealing with “end-of-life” issues. Together we will come up with a manageable plan and timeline giving you greater peace of mind.

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"End of Life" Documents Consultation

Will discuss and define individually the “end of life” documents that are needed for your specific situation. Documents such as Advance Directives, POLST forms (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment), Death care Directives and other paperwork you may want to have in order. All of this will aid in avoiding any miscommunications and help loved ones uphold the dying person’s wishes having the proper paperwork in place.

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Getting to Know You

Three 2 hr sessions in a place of your choosing…your private home, care facility, coffee shop, etc. Giving the opportunity to spend time with a dying person while they still have energy to talk, will help build a trusting relationship. This relationship allows me to better serve the family as a whole, during the dying person’s active dying phase.

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Creating Sacred Space

This can take form of moving furniture and opening space for the dying. Giving way for building altars and space for sitting vigil. Allowing you to create a sacred space, using favorite objects, photos, draping fabrics, fresh flowers, offerings of foods, candles.

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Developing a Legacy 

Legacy Projects help family find answers to “How will I be remembered? Or Where did we come from?” questions. The creation of a Legacy Project, whether it is via Life Interview, scrapbook, or other items or events (such as document, film, artwork, etc.), serves to foster conversation between the dying and their loved ones. This allows loved ones to continue to share in memorable moments with the deceased over time. It helps the dying know that they have left a lasting legacy of themselves, true to who they were, for their future generations to know.

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Vigil Planning

Discussing how they would like to arrange their “transition” space (with sights, sounds, smells, touch, etc.) and how they would either like to be engaged (or not engaged) by loved ones as they actively die. “Vigil Sitting” planning for whom to actively be engaging with the dying in their last moments. Having a set plan allows loved ones to rest, eat, and make final arrangements. Keeping open communications with health care professionals as to be able alert loved ones when final moments appear to be taking place. 

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In-Home Vigil Support  

Support with sitting vigil prior to, during, and after the “actively dying” stage. We will communicate as needed with family, doctors and other caretakers regarding weekly/daily/hourly progression of the dying. Helping with emotional and physical support were needed.

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living funeral

A living funeral, can also be called a pre-funeral, which is a funeral held for a living person. It is usually held for someone who knows that he or she does not have much time left to live. Whether the reason is that the person is terminally ill or is at an old age, the person knows death is near and could use it as closure, giving them a chance to celebrate their life for the last time together, ceremonies can be held at home or where the dying person is being cared for.

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Officiant for Services

Funeral Celebrant and Minister services would include organizing the service, including determining the order of the service elements. Delivering a eulogy. Bringing family and friends together in the sharing of stories, saying prayers, hymns, or other readings. And in closing inviting attendees to any events after the funeral service. 

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Solidified Remains

Solidify your loved ones remains through Parting Stone. The average persons remains yield 25- 35 stones. The appearance of each collection of solidified remains is 100% natural. People can result in different hues and textures making each stone uniquely beautiful. Solidified Remains let you feel close and connected to your loved one in daily life. Solidified remains are a clean alternative to ashes that allow you to live comfortably with your departed.

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Keepsake Jewelry 

Close by me jewelry is a unique, and beautiful way to remember a departed loved one. Gina utilizes ashes (cremated remains) set in a piece of fine jewelry to create an elegant keepsake that will last forever. Her designs are hand-crafted pieces of art, that can be worn as charms, a necklace, ring, or earrings. Through a patented process, a teaspoon of ashes is mixed with a clear substance to be solidified and then molded in​to your chosen piece of jewelry. After three to four days, a glass-like or stone-like appearance is the end result. Since all ashes are different, the color and appearance will be unique to each piece.

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NOR or Natural Organic Reduction

  1. Natural Organic Reduction (NOR), or human composting, is new to funerary. Essentially, it's the breaking down of human remains into soil to be reused. Now available in Washington State and through DIY DYING. Call for pricing and more details.

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Home Funeral

Home funeral is when a loved one is cared for at home after death, giving family time to gather and participate in: planning and carrying out after-death rituals or ceremonies, preparing the body for burial or cremation by bathing, dressing and laying out for visitation, keeping the body cool with dry ice, filing the death certificate and obtaining transport and burial permits for final disposition.  Home funerals invite family, friends, and community into an authentic and healing after-death care experience in a safe and familiar place, with care performed by loving hands.

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full body sea burial 

Burial at sea is the disposal of human remains in the ocean, normally from a ship or boat. It is seen as a natural burial if done in a shroud. We would add a minimum of 150 lbs additional weight, to aid in rapid sinking. allowing the body to decompose at the  ocean floor. The body is deployed at least three nautical miles from land and in ocean waters at least 600 feet deep. Typical travel 6-8 miles out/  3 – 4 hours round trip.

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Green Burial

Green burial is the interment of the body of a dead person in the soil in a manner that does not inhibit decomposition but allows the body to recycle naturally. It may be buried in a biodegradable coffin, casket, or shroud. The grave does not use a burial vault or outer burial container that would prevent the body's contact with soil. The grave should be shallow enough to allow microbial activity similar to that found in composting.

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cremation service

Cremation may serve as a funeral or post-funeral rite as an alternative to the interment of an intact dead body in a coffin or casket. Cremated remains, which do not constitute a health risk, may be buried or interred in memorial sites or cemeteries, or they may be retained by relatives and dispersed in various ways. Cremation is an alternative in place of burial or other forms of disposal in funeral practices. Some families prefer to have the deceased present at the funeral with cremation to follow; others prefer that the cremation occur prior to the funeral or memorial service.

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memorial service

Memorial services allow for a great deal of flexibility if additional time is needed to gather together as a family for a service. In fact, it is not uncommon for a memorial service to be held a month or more after the death. A memorial service is similar to a funeral service in many ways. The main difference is that at a funeral, the body is present,  a memorial service, the body is not present. Usually, a framed portrait or an urn serves as the focal point at a memorial service. It can be held anywhere as well, at a church, park, at sea, or family home. 

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water Cremation

Alkaline hydrolysis uses water, alkaline chemicals, heat, and sometimes pressure and agitation, to accelerate natural decomposition, leaving bone fragments and a neutral liquid called effluent. The decomposition that occurs in alkaline hydrolysis is the same as that which occurs during burial, just sped up dramatically by the chemicals. The effluent is sterile, and contains salts, sugars, amino acids and peptides. There is no tissue and no DNA left after the process completes. This effluent is discharged with all other wastewater, and is a welcome addition to the water systems. 

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Notary Services

Are you in the LA or OC area and need a document notarized? 

Give me a call. I will come to you.

Low-Cost Mobile notary services available. 

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Pre-Payment Plans available

DIY DYING's Prepaid Direct Cremation Plan includes:

Virtual or In home Arrangements

Basic Service fee and support of a Licensed Funeral Director,

Transportation removal from place of death within a 100-mile radius

the Cremation Process & Alternative Cremation Container

a Durable Plastic Utility Urn 

State Regulatory Fee

Disposition Permit

Hand Deliver of Cremains within a 100-mile radius 

Worldwide travel protection [optional]

Funds are invested with Homesteaders Life Company, a trusted and established company, whose entire business is investing prepaid funds for independently owned funeral homes.

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